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MIke Sampson

Mike Sampson has successfully created and produced some monumental & impactful events with his 25+ years in Fashion.

Most recently; Senior Vice President of Business Development for the global events company UBM Fashion Group.

In this position, he successfully provided strategic and tactical strategies for the brand retention and development of over 50 multi million dollar industry brand leaders at UBMs flagship fashion events including PROJECT, COTERIE & MAGIC.



Established in 1999, Zappos.com has quickly become the leading destination in online apparel and footwear sales by striving to provide shoppers with the best possible service and selection. Zappos.com is a subsidiary of Amazon.com, Inc.



Throughout my career, I've experienced the launch and successful growth of many iconic brands you see today. These brands effectively found their place in society with targeted marketing & sales efforts through traditional retail channels and for a long standing time that was sufficient...

Things have changed.

Traditional retail has changed & technology has changed the way we look at product and how we emotionally attach ourselves to that product...

By physically connecting the consumer directly with the brand, an emotional connection is enabled. I feel that with a truly experiential platform, where brands can express their core purpose, where collaboration is organic and where the consumer is enlightened, a next generation of retail can emerge.

Mike Sampson

Mike Sampson, Founder